Glenluce Public Hall Conditions of Hire

This page outlines the basic conditions of hire for Glenluce Public Hall. A full set of terms and conditions is available from the OLDT Office on 01581 300767.

Hall Charges
The standard rate of hire is £11.15 per hour. This applies to individuals, non-VAT-registered organisations and community groups/organisations.

The junior rate, £8.50 per hour, applies to groups of predominantly under 18s.

The senior rate, £8.50 per hour, applies to groups of predominantly over 65s.

The commercial rate, £22.00 per hour, applies to VAT-registered organisations.

The children’s party rate, £25.00, applies to a four-hour period to allow one hour to set-up and one hour to clear away from a two-hour party. If a longer party is required, the additional time will be charged at the junior rate.

PRS Charges
PRS charges are payable where recorded music is played at an event or class open to the public. No PRS charges are payable for private parties where only invited guests are in attendance, such as birthdays, anniversaries and weddings. The PRS charge is £2.29 per class or £24.89 for a public event.

Unless alternative arrangements have been made, all bookings must be paid for prior to the let. All invoices must be paid within 14 calendar days of the date of the invoice. Any invoices which remain unpaid after the due date will be subject to a 5% surcharge.

Please make all cheques payable to Old Luce Development Trust. If paying by bank transfer, please contact the office for payment details, inform the office when payments are made and quote the invoice number in the payment reference.

Charges will apply for cancellations made within 7 days of the booking date, unless the hall is rebooked for the same booking period. Hirers must inform the Hall Keeper if a booking is no longer required, even if payment is due, so that the hall is not left unsecured for the period of the let.

The screen, cinema and sound system can be used free of charge, but this must be requested in advance. All hall equipment, including tables, chairs and kitchen equipment, must be put away after use. Rubbish should be put in the wheelie bins outside the front of the hall. If the Hirer requires additional time to set-up or put away equipment, then this is subject to the availability of the hall on the day. Set-up/clear-up time can only be guaranteed by booking the hall to include this time. 

Alternatively, with prior notification, the Hall Keeper may be able to provide this service, for which the Hirer would pay the hall set-up/clearing-up charge of £5.50. This charge applies for each 15-minute period, or part of 15 minutes, required.

End of Hire
Hall cleaning is only provided weekly. It is therefore essential that Hirers leave the hall, kitchen and any equipment used in a clean and tidy condition after use for the benefit of all hall users. Sweepers, dusters and mops are available in the main foyer area to the left of the front door. If the hall is left in an unclean condition, and/or equipment is not put away, the Trust will apply hall clearing-up charges for the time taken to clean the hall. Please report any issues with hall cleanliness to the Hall Keeper on 07391 474737.

Where a booking involves bringing animals into the hall, animals must be dried off and feet must be wiped on entry to the hall, and the hall and entrance foyer must be mopped at the end of the session. Mops and buckets are available in the foyer to the left of the entrance door and a mop sink is available in the foyer adjacent to the kitchen. The hall user must supply their own consumables, such as disinfectant, paper towel and animal waste bags. Where there is another booking in the hall within one hour of the booking involving animals, the hall floor should be disinfected and dried where any incidents occur, without mopping the whole floor, to ensure that the hall floor is clean, dry and safe for the subsequent user. Animal waste must be bagged and placed in the bins outside the hall. Failure to leave the hall in the condition in which it was found on arrival, will lead to a review of the use of the hall and could lead to the cancellation of subsequent bookings. 

Fault Reporting
Please report any problems with the hall or equipment to the Hall Keeper on 07391 474737.

First Aid
There is a first aid box in the kitchen. Please ensure that the accident book is completed and the Hall Keeper is notified so that the box can be replenished.


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