The Old Luce Community Fund was established by Old Luce Community Council, with the aspiration that all of the current or potential funds benefitting the Old Luce area can be administered through this single funding structure.

The Fund primarily supports projects located within or directly benefiting the Old Luce Community Council area, including the communities of Glenluce, Dunragit and Auchenmalg.

This charitable fund is provided by Barlockhart Moor Wind Energy Ltd; Carscreugh Renewable Energy Park Ltd; Glenchamber Wind Energy Ltd, SSE, 2020 Renewables, Greencoat and ScottishPower Renewables, owners of nearby wind farms.

 The Old Luce Development Trust and the Old Luce Community Fund are separate organisations, with the former applying to the latter for funding for each project.

Require funding for your organisation?


For grants over £500

As a resident of Old Luce parish, you can make application for funding for projects that have a positive impact within the parish. The fund administers grants larger than £500.  For further information, and application forms visit OLCF online.


Old Luce Community Fund

Funding of less than £500

For funding of less than £500, a micro grant is available through a written letter to the Old Luce Community Council. Decisions are made each month, with funding often drawn down the same day.

Old Luce Community Council

Registered Company SC538942
DTAS Member SE225
Registered Address: Public Hall, 22 Main St, Glenluce DG8 0PR

Old Luce Development Trust (OLDT) is a registered charity, SC049400, regulated by the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR).

01581 300767

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