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Housing Needs and Demands Survey

Old Luce Development Trust was successful in its bid to the Scottish Land Fund / National Lottery Community Fund (SLF) for funds towards the purchase of the Four Winds Medical Practice and adjoining house. Old Luce Community Fund has awarded the remaining funds and funds to purchase land to the rear of the property. The Trust is now in the process of purchasing both sites. In the meantime, the Trust needs to make a decision on the future use of the house on the site, and additional funds received from SLF were awarded that cover the cost of a Housing Needs and Demands Survey. The Trust broadened the survey beyond the Four Winds site to cover the full Old Luce region in order to inform the Trust of housing needs across the wider area to inform future projects. The Trust engaged the services of South of Scotland Community Housing to carry out the survey and provide a report based on the results.  The survey was carried out in February 2021, and the final report was provided to the Trust a short time after this. A copy of the full report is available below.

Old Luce Housing Needs and Demands Survey – Full Report

Consultation on the Purchase and Development of the GP Surgery Site

Old Luce Development Trust held a community consultation between 18 and 29 May 2020 to establish community support for the Trust to seek to purchase the current GP surgery site and community preferences for any future development of the site. Given the constraints of the Covid-19 lockdown in force at the time, the consultation took the form of a webinar and online survey.

Consultation Outcome

The survey reiterated the unanimous support given in a July 2019 public consultation meeting for the Trust to seek ways to safeguard GP services in the Old Luce area. Support for the purchase of the current site was 96% and support for development of a new or extended surgery was 99%. Survey respondents gave a clear preference for a design for any new or extended surgery to be compliant with the latest NHS standards, be fully accessible, use high-quality have on-site parking and be able to be constructed without significant disruption to the existing surgery, which only a new build option could meet. At the webinar meeting, there was unanimous preference for a new build surgery.


A webinar was held on 27 May 2020 to consult residents on the GP Surgery project and, in particular, to gain community approval to seek to purchase the current GP surgery site and land to the rear, and to gain a view on the community preference for ongoing development of the site.

Recording of the consultation meeting

Community members were introduced to the features of the preferred sites and presented with the three most viable options considered for a new medical practice on the GP surgery site.

  • New Build Construction: A new build on the plot, which would be entirely separate from the house, leaving the house as a residential property, option 4b
  • Extension: Conversion of the ground floor of the current house, with a significant ground floor extension and the first floor of the house converted into a residential flat, option 2b
  • Conversion only: Conversion of the current house and surgery to a new surgery with no extension (which would see disruption to the existing surgery during the building works), option 1
  • Purchase only: purchase the current sites but do not undertake any further development (which would not meet NHS guidelines)
  • Halt the project: the Trust should take no further action

A poll was taken at the end of the webinar, which allowed attendees to vote on the above options. There were 44 votes, 100% of which were in favour of the new build construction option. 


A survey monkey questionnaire was developed and circulated to members, advertised on local community noticeboards and published on the OLDT Facebook page, which was then shared by other relevant organisations such as Old Luce Community Council and New Luce Community Council.  The survey saw 77 responses representing 136 people.

Support for the Trust

Respondents unanimously supported the Trust in safeguarding GP services, 96% wished the Trust to purchase the current GP site and 99% supported the Trust in developing a new or extended surgery.  It is worth noting that all the respondents who did not want the Trust to purchase the current GP site, did support the Trust in developing a new or extended surgery.

Surgery Design

Several design factors were very important to survey respondents.

All respondents felt it was important that the surgery was fully accessible (96% very important, 100% important) and compliant with the latest NHS standards (93% very important, 100% important), that high quality materials were used (85% very important, 99% important) and that the new surgery could be constructed without significant disruption to the existing surgery (72% very important, 98% important). Ninety-nine percent felt that on-site parking was moderately or very important. Natural light was important for 95% and 93% wanted to see generous public spaces. The location of parking to the rear of the site was important to 66%. The importance of a residential property remaining on the site was less clear, with 54% stating that this was very or moderately important and 46% stating that this was not important.   


Conversion of the current premises would not meet several of the highly desirable factors, requiring disruption to the existing service towards the end of the development and not meeting the NHS guidance.  An extension option would also not fully meet NHS guidance, requiring compromises in the admin area housed in the ground floor of the existing dwelling, due to the restrictions of working within an existing building.  It would also require a change of floor level between the extension and the existing building, due to ground levels of the site, necessitating an access lift between the two areas. Only the new build option would fully meet all the highly desirable factors.

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