Brambles Cafe Development

Invitation to Tender: Architectural Services

Old Luce Development Trust is seeking to appoint a suitably qualified and experienced person/business to undertake architectural services in relation to the demolition and re-development of the former Brambles café.


Full Specification

Brambles Architectural Services ITT Full Specification (revised 3 March 2020)


Tender Assessment

Tender evaluation (revised 10 March 2020)

Cost spreadsheet


Additional Information

Old Luce Community Council Research and Consultation Report 2015

Brambles Structural Engineer’s Report

Site video


Zoom Meeting

A Zoom meeting for interested parties was held on Wednesday 24 February 2021. Unfortunately this meeting was not recorded, but the presentation slides are available.


Closing date

Due to the current lockdown, the closing date has been extended to Sunday 18 April 2021.  Applications will be accepted until midnight.



Where potential tender applicants have asked for further information, responses will be posted below in order that all potential tender applicants receive the same information.

Q. What is the project budget? (updated 3 March 2021)

A. This is a relatively small project. We had a budget for the redevelopment of the existing building, prior to our change of decision to demolish following the SE report, and we have c.£200,000 set aside with our funders remaining from that. We are expecting to raise further funds as part of this project. However, due to other commitments on our main funders, there are not likely to be substantial additional funds available and we will need to contain costs on this project as much as possible. We anticipate a total cost in the region of £350,000 to £400,000 for the design and construction of the new building, including demolition and all fees etc. The Trust is VAT registered and we anticipate that VAT will be recoverable on this project, so the budget does not include VAT. The cost would not include specific fixtures and fittings within the retail/commercial space beyond those required to make the space available as flexible space. For example, should one of the retail units become a hairdressers, the budget would not include sinks, chairs etc. We would however, expect the shared kitchen and toilet facilites to be included.

Q. Is there any further information available? (updated 3 March 2021)

A. All available information in relation to the tender is outlined in the specification and on this webpage. Further background information has been added in the ‘Additional Information’ section above. 


Q. Will a full design team also be appointed eg cost consultant, structural engineer, M&E Engineers? (updated 24 February 2021)

A. The Trust does not have its own team of professionals in these areas, so such work would be outsourced. The Trust requires all tenders to outline where any and all third party involvement is required and the cost of engaging such professionals during the design stage should be included in your tender submission, whether they are available within your organisation or would be externally engaged. The cost of engaging such professionals during the construction phase of the project should be included as part of the design work for the successful tender applicant. We anticipate that the architect would be the lead consultant as part of a design team and all costs of that design team should be included in the tender.

Q. Will any existing drawings in CAD/.dwg format be made available to the successful architect or will the building have to be re-drawn from scratch?

A. The building will have to be redrawn from scratch. 

Q. Has the tender process been affected by the current lockdown? (updated 24 February 2021)

A. Yes, site visits can not take place during the lockdown and have been replaced by video footage available above. The Zoom meeting was moved to late February. The deadline for tender submissions has been extended to Sunday 18 April 2021. Applications will be accepted until midnight.

Q. What are the expectations in relation to site visits during the design process?

A. It is expected that the successful tender applicant will be available for site visits at the beginning of the design process and as needed during the design process and for community consultation meetings. All expenses incurred in order to attend such meetings should be included and clearly outlined in your tender submission.

Q. How will the quality aspect be measured? Is there a scoring methodology? (updated 3 March 2021)

A. The assessment methodology is outlined above. The Trust will be guided by, but not bound by, the scoring methodology in its decision making.

Q. Is any element of the project funded by public funding, such as local authority or government funding?

A. Our current funding is windfarm based and we would imagine any further funding is likely to be from the same source. However, we would apply for LA or government funding should anything suitable become available. The building purchase was predominantly funded from a Scottish Land Fund/National Lottery Community Fund grant.

Q. Is there a current architect / design team?

A. No, there is no current architect or design team.

Q. Is there a set format or questionnaire for responses?

A. A spreadsheet is provided for to provide the number of days work and cost of each element. The tender should follow the headings in the tender assessment document as far as possible.

Q. Is a traditional or modern structure envisaged for the new building? (added 8 February 2021)

A. We are open to ideas on the new building design and that may be a rebuild of the previous building frontage or a more modern design. However, any new design must be in keeping with the character of the village. 

Q. Is a feasibility study or business plan required as part of the design phase? (added 8 February 2021)

A. There is no requirement for a feasibility study or business plan as part of the design phase as the work is based on a community consultation carried out previously, see additional information above. The commercial/retail space on the ground floor will be flexible and the need for short-term BnB-type accommodation in the area is accepted.

Q. Can the cost for architectural services relating to the final architectural design be submitted as a percentage of build cost? (added 8 February 2021)

A. Yes, this is acceptable for the final architectural design phase of the work as the building purpose will not be confirmed until after the community consultation. However, costs for the earlier phases of the work up to and included the community consultation should be fixed.

Q. Is there a need for a bill of quantities? (added 3 March 2021)

A. Yes, we envisage that a bill of quantities will be required due to the demolition and rebuild involved.

Community Consultation

Community consultation on the future of Brambles will take place in summer 2021.

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